Training & Placement Cell

Jain Group has glowing and customary placement cell supervised by placement and training coordinators and committees of students. The unit tackles personality development program, which enhances skills in communication, efficient public talking, key to success, manners and etiquettes, team management and other activities including seminars, mock interviews, dealing with people etc.

Counseling is quite like advice. The only difference between the two is that the former has a formal end objective tone where as the latter is subjective. Professionals having specialization in the field do formal Counseling; counsel is one, which people seek eagerly.

Nowadays every college/institute have a separate counseling department which is responsible for imparting advice to the students on domestic, personal or career issues. The training and placement department organizes regular meetings with different consultants and the students also. The department also encourages the students to discuss their problems freely and consequently receive appropriate counsel.

Jain Group organizes activities like field trips, educational excursions, group discussions, presentations, debates, declamations, lectures by eminent persons and other social activities for all round development of the students under the Counseling cell. Students get enormous opportunities to have close interface with industry experts through guest lectures, along with numerous industrial visits to facilitate the students for keeping abreast with latest developments in the corporate world.