“The Aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of values”

In the heart of dedicated professionals is the belief that the primary goal of education is to shape and nourish the students’ achievement. The objective of education is to turn the eyes, which the soul already possesses, to light. The whole function of education is not to put knowledge in the soul but to bring out the best things that are latent in the soul.

What strategies would bring about greatest student achievement and improved outcome in our system need to be viewed in order to maximize student learning and to implement collaborative experimental student-centered cognitive approaches.

A focused approach on this shifting paradigm from teaching to learning and making the teacher a facilitator is the demand of an hour. We, at JAIN GROUP OF COLLEGES, firmly believe that without change something sleeps inside us and seldom awakes.

Psychology Lab

In psychology of teaching & learning, development of the learner, learning, motivation and intelligence form part of the core curriculum. Psychological tests and case studies provide a practical basis to the study of psychology of teaching & learning.

  • Deals with students’ mental stability.
  • Arranges various Psychological Tests.
  • Gives vocational training/information.
  • Helps out students from their mental, physical, emotional and social problems
  • Gives career guidance opportunities.

Technical skills

An educator must be groomed with the following technical teaching aids like Classroom Teaching, Block Teaching, Blackboard Writing, Set Induction, Using Indigenous Materials as Teaching Aids, Educational Survey, Macro Teaching, Micro Teaching, Unit Planning, Institutional Planning, Educational Administration and Supervision, Counseling and Career Guidance, Measurement and Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Use of High-tech Educational Aids, Community Work, Research Methodology etc.

The college offers full fledged lab facilities in Psychology, Educational Technology, Science and work experience facilities for Agriculture, Drawing and Painting, Gardening and Horticulture, Music, Dance and Toy Making etc. are available.

Careers in Education

After completing your Diplomas, Bachelors or Masters Degree in this field you can work according to your potential as-

Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer
Administrator PGT TGT
Counselor Student’s Psychologist Orator